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6200Re: [pfaf] those posts on non chlorophyll plants

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  • infowolf1
    Aug 27, 2013
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      I present a lot of sources in the links in the text. There can be no 
      proof for anything until we got an open landing of astronauts 
      on Mars. The best anyone can do is sort through what is out
      there, incl. ancient legends and oddball finds in archaeology,
      and leaks from intelligence agency sources and the whole
      confusing scramble of stuff. 

      It was a book from the 1960s citing something from the 1950s, 
      which I probably don't have anymore. 

      Far more solid stuff is in photos and life positive test results
      from Viking Landers which were explained away as superoxide
      chemistry, but a certain variation in those results disproves 
      that so its back to life as cause of results. 

      Sources for all that are in the text which is loaded with links.


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      "(can't recall where I got this)".  

      If think the supporting claims for a hypothesis that certain plants got dropped off by aliens from Mars popping in for a visit should be backed up by better footnotes than "I can't recall where I got this".

      I read a bit of your book on Amazon "Look Inside", and the above also applies to everything I read.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

      Andru Vallance

      On 26/08/2013, at 19:16, Infowolf1@... wrote:

      Those posts here on plants without chlorophyll, arrived just
      in time to get my attention. I speculate that one or more
      of them hitched a ride here on a flying saucer from Mars,
      because an astronomer back in the 1950s (can't recall 
      where I got this) spotted the kind of spectra in light
      from Mars, that is typical of plants that are not green.

      I was writing my book that went up on amazon kindle
      a week or so ago A Possible History of Life on Mars
      by Christine Erikson.


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