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6199Re: [pfaf] those posts on non chlorophyll plants

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  • Andru Vallance
    Aug 27, 2013
      "(can't recall where I got this)".  

      If think the supporting claims for a hypothesis that certain plants got dropped off by aliens from Mars popping in for a visit should be backed up by better footnotes than "I can't recall where I got this".

      I read a bit of your book on Amazon "Look Inside", and the above also applies to everything I read.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

      Andru Vallance

      On 26/08/2013, at 19:16, Infowolf1@... wrote:


      Those posts here on plants without chlorophyll, arrived just

      in time to get my attention. I speculate that one or more
      of them hitched a ride here on a flying saucer from Mars,
      because an astronomer back in the 1950s (can't recall 
      where I got this) spotted the kind of spectra in light
      from Mars, that is typical of plants that are not green.

      I was writing my book that went up on amazon kindle
      a week or so ago A Possible History of Life on Mars
      by Christine Erikson.


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