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619DEFRA and Forestry Commission act against new threat to trees

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  • Phil Slade
    Sep 24, 2004
      Defra and the Forestry Commission announced today that the joint disease
      eradication programme already in place for Phytophthora ramorum would be
      extended to cover a new threat to our trees. For three years government
      plant health inspectors, working with growers and landowners, have been
      carrying out surveys for Phytophthora ramorum and taking action against
      outbreaks. This is the disease which has been killing oak trees in
      California and has been found on nursery stock, particularly rhododendrons,
      viburnums and camellias in Europe. There are signs now that the spread of
      the pathogen is slowing, and that measures taken across the EC in response
      to UK emergency action are having an effect. In the course of surveys for
      Phytophthora ramorum another species of Phytophthora has been found in
      Cornwall causing similar damage to beech trees and rhododendrons. This new
      species is not known from any other country, and as yet has no scientific
      Country/Regional Focus: UK
      Themes: environment, woodland
      Web: http://www.gnn.gov.uk/Content/Detail.asp?ReleaseID=130203&NewsAreaID=2
      21 September 2004
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