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6181Re: planting on public land

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  • Gaardenier
    Aug 10, 2013
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      Proudly I can announce having found a reliable local source for (again) a new (less known) wild apricot, which we didn’t have yet: Prunus brigantina, also called P. brigantiaca, Prunier de Briançon, Briançon Plum, Alpine Plum, a.s.o. Is supposed to be true to seed.

      Seems very promising for temperate and maritime climates.


      We‘ll give it a chance and start stratifying in September, together with the last P. fremontii seeds.  


      Will be wonderful to evaluate the different apricots, coming from such distant origins.

      From focussing to wild Prunus, our scope went thus narrower because taste and a lot of other qualities of apricots.

      Of course that does not mean that we neglect the other (true to seed) Prunus.


      Therefore a question on our P. emarginata or Bitter Cherries. We have one year seedlings but all of them are refusing to really nice growing. Is there anybody who have any experience with this plant?

      Best greetings,

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