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6174Re: planting on public land

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  • trenthillsmike
    Aug 8, 2013
      WADR, as long as we are on the planet we will move species from one location to another and we will breed species to be more suited to our needs. So much for "purity". The challenge is to know where to draw the line. Sometimes it is clear; often, it is not. I find most of the native species discussions asinine. Where I live we have lilacs and purple loosestrife, neither of which is native to North America. Lilacs are far more widespread than purple loosestrife and often are so thick that nothing else grows where they are growing. Yet it is purple loosestrife that is the bad boy. And I see far more pollinators on my purple loosestrife than I do on my lilacs. On the other hand Vitis riparia is native and is a scourge in the wrong place.

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