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6144planting on public land

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  • infowolf1
    Aug 2, 2013
      Someone on one of these two egroups suggested planting
      gardens in greenbelts or other public lands. My initial 
      reaction was relevant to you having an identifiable as such
      garden that you work and claim as yours. (maybe permits
      would be available.)

      But Alex Jones has made an interesting suggestion. That
      you plant various non GMO fruit trees and I guess you 
      could add the kind of veggies that can run wild and reseed,
      in such public land spaces, because they will go on and 
      be of use eventually in future. To whoever. Should look 
      like irregular scattered mixed growth, not like something 
      planned and deliberate.

      Good idea. Just don't treat it as exclusively yours, think 
      of it as aiding survival of those in the future who know 
      what kind of plants to look for to eat.


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