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6129New forest garden survey

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  • Tomas Remiarz
    Jul 2, 2013
      Dear forest gardeners and polyculture people

      I am beginning work on a new book about forest gardens in cooperation with Permanent Publications and the Permaculture Association. We want to include a number of case studies of existing forest gardens in this book, to show how the concept has evolved from its initial conception. The primary purpose is to give an accessible account of perennial polycultures people have actually planted and managed, and what they have learned from it. The secondary purpose is to establish a baseline of existing perennial polycultures to enable more detailed academic studies in the future.

      If you have been involved in creating and maintaining forest gardens or similar polycultures, I would like to hear from you and potentially include a case study of your system(s) in the project. The idea is to show the successes and problems of real-life projects, so it does not matter if you don't see your system as perfect, or even feel you didn't start on the right footing – whatever you learned in the process may provide useful lessons for future planters.

      This research is aimed at temperate forest gardens older than 5 years anywhere in the world with a focus on cool temperate areas, but I am also interested in Mediterranean systems. To participate, you can start by filling in the baseline survey which is online at http://www.surveymonkey.net/s/forestgardenbaseline

      In this survey, you will be asked about some site-specific details and information about plants. It may help having your base maps, design plans and management records to hand! Even if you haven't got any written or drawn records, please fill these sections in as much as you can, indicating where you are using estimates.

      Best wishes
      Tomas Remiarz