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6087UK Forest Garden Cycle Tour

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  • Darren
    May 13, 2013
      I've been talking to a few friends about organising a UK cycle tour this
      summer with a focus on forest gardens and we are keen to take the idea

      The idea would be that a group would spend some time cycling from site
      to site, learning and sharing knowledge about forest gardens. The group
      could also spend time working at different sites and swap plant
      materials between the different sites it visits.

      Participation in the tour would be free, the cyclists would camp on
      route. Anyone could join for any part of the tour.

      Forest garden sites could be established or prospective. I guess it
      would be nice if the cyclists could camp at the forest garden site or
      that they would be fed/watered, especially if they spent time working on
      the site but neither of these would be requirements.

      Thats about it for now... We have a few more ideas but are keen to hear
      from anybody / any projects that would like to be involved so that we
      can begin to figure out some kind of schedule.


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