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6085Re: Iowa/Illinois Edible Landscape interest group

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  • Francis S
    May 8, 2013
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      opps what I meant to add after the mushtroom thing was
      see some people try something by itself , and think it is gross.

      think if people did that with lemons
      so I meant to add SOUR crab apples the size of marbles can be made into great tasting tea if you boil them, and add sugar.
      or dry them in as papper bag taste good to.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Francis S" <manofpeace32@...> wrote:
      > IM In IL. I have no facebook I find it hard see other peoples music they wrote (or my own) so never made one.
      > I am in the chicago area
      > (40 miles west In Aurora Waynes world ring a bell)
      > second largest city in IL, but nothing really here.
      > Nice paw paw fruits
      > I would always get 100's of seeds to try to re establish them
      > I have a ginkgo biloba tree (medicinal nice tasting tea.)
      > It is a male the females have edible oily seeds
      > , but the fruit is stinky (like vomit/crayons)
      > maybe I can gather some (other tree seeds)
      > they do take like 35 years to flower anyways
      > (which I believe from watching my tree growing up. (I am 30)
      > I would not mind keeping in contact,
      > and maybe sharing or even trading seeds
      > I am not big on invasive trees/plants
      > (but I think if one can contain the seeds spreading by netting )
      > edible landscape try digging up burdock roots
      > you can eat them like a carrot raw (early spring)
      > peal spiky thistles eat raw (or bull thistles)
      > milk thistle is good for the liver detoxifying repairing.)
      > I like some mushrooms that no one else really picks called
      > dryad's saddle...
      > you just have to know how to prepare them
      > (which I learned from wildman steve (brill)
      > but instead of baking modified the recipe to prepare on a cast iron skillet, and add to a omlet after it cooks.
      > If you have ever ate fried chicken, and like the skin thats what it tastes like.
      > dip mushrooms in olive oil vinegar , soy sauce mixture
      > plus herbs (or not)
      > (soy sauce He says tamari I dont have any)
      > and sautee in pan. set aside add to omlet if you do not eat it all up
      > add celery leaves to omlet too.
      > --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Chex <chex.rice@> wrote:
      > >
      > > There is a local Edible Landscape interest group that you are
      > > encouraged to join that focuses on sustainable food production in Iowa
      > > and Illinois (USA). We keep it local so that we can talk about plants
      > > that grow in our area rather than discussing plants that will never
      > > grow here. Let's grow food everywhere!
      > >
      > > If you are from Iowa or Illinois then please join us at "Quad Cities
      > > Edible Landscape"
      > > Join: http://www.facebook.com/groups/QC.EdibleLandscape
      > >
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