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6081edible Plants of Texas San Antonio invasive/common or easy to to find

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  • Francis S
    May 8, 2013
      HI I am visiting the San Antonio area, and I am interested in finding plants (or even people) to become familar with.

      I am trying to look online , but sometimes there is a lot to take in when to harvest, look a likes , and the time it takes to look into it.

      Even if you know of a area where to look
      (I am in the medical center area or northern section,
      10 minutes from down town ,
      but if I can find time go down that way)

      I already picked my first orange (April)
      I was surprised they grow so early
      , and I picked a unknown fruit ping ball sized with 2 to 4 large seeds
      that tasted like (I do not know) sherbert ice cream or something..