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6016Re: [pfaf] pfaf - wiki seems unattended

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  • Andru Vallance
    Dec 18, 2012
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      There is some activity on http://appropedia.org to integrate the work that was put into the permaculture.info wiki (which I believe had previously integrated work on PCWiki) before it was abandoned, so you might look there - it's active, which is sadly more than can be said for most permaculture wikis!

      The PCPlantDB plant database never got too far either, but I'm involved in PracticalPlants (http://practicalplants.org) which aims to build a global plant wiki-database relevant to the worldwide permaculture community, so there's that too.

      Andru Vallance

      • permaculture.info: Offline - this is to be merged into Appropedia (agreed in mid-2012, but technical work yet to be performed, as of late November 2012).[2]
      • The PCWiki (currently locked). This predated permaculture.info, and was offline for an extended period; this co-created work has been made accessible again as of late 2012, with editing disabled to prevent further spam.

      On 18/12/2012, at 12:46, Allmende Verden <allmendeperma@...> wrote:


      a quick glance tells makes me see nothing but spam. What a shame.***Steph

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