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  • Gail
    Dec 8, 2012
      OK, I got the ebook and thought it was decent. I also got one other email 'reminding' me that they have lessons and scholarships, one message is acceptable, in my opinion. THEN I got this


      As it seems the message below I have tried to post into pfaf@yahoogroups.com  is not getting published I'm sending it to you accompanied with a question.  Does Vladislav Davidzon have ownership over the forum or does he fund Plants for a future?


      Ossi Kakko,


      Dear all, 

         It is journalistically well written, but seems not offer much more than a political speech and advertisement of "Regenerative Leadership Institute" programs.    A bit controversially author Davidzon sees permaculture ethics as taking care of the planet, healing people emotionally and physically and sharing the surplus of production within the communities.  He even suggests barter economy based on surplus of produced yields as being the core of ethic of sharing the surplus and furher describes permaculture as a marriage of technology and ecology....  

        Davidzon seems to have strong emphasis on developing technologies based in biomimicry and suggests thoughts like  f.e. we should technologically condition soils in deserts to be more suited in farming, then referring to indigenous practice of gathering food from native plants in such conditions.   With technology regarding solar, wind, thermal and hydroelectric he addressess the problem of storage, which would allow conversion of energy into usable household current.  However he doesn't give a single example on how these would be done, but further addresses the need for design to yield us ability to make use of modern conveniences while still being ecologically viable.   No analysis of resources to be exploited for such technologies either was given, but suggestions were instead supported with belief this will happen through future legislation forcing development projects to provide sustainable footprint.   Hidden between the lines seems to be some kind of hatred towards lazy people who are not willing to take care of tilling the land and taking care of the crops and want to abandon "civilization" instead of creating green capitalism of sustainable entrepreneurship.   His ideas could be interesting if provided in context of practice, but now he insist people to pay him for that and paradoxically expresses purpose to make content available for everyone (who are willing to pay).

          Following the e-book one will receive emails offering scholarships and payment plans for participating programs run by his business.   He asks if there's need for more details or information that would help one to make an informed decision about the program.    Personal emails stop whenever made clear there will be no money flow, but are soon replaced with advertisements of "ethical" products and his business programs.    This leaves me wonder wether promised program content would really be what it's advertised as - or is this another techno-religious cult aiming to earn capital from conscious consumers of ideology?  Certainly I wouldn't pay for that to find out.    If practical solutions would have been expressed instead of propaganda for necessity to turn problematic capitalism into solution - it would have been more sound with the proposed ideology rendered now simply into capitalized product feeding emotional needs of being good. 

         As this list has been about information sharing on useful plants,  the content seems to be off topic.   If you're interested in permaculture ehtics or principles for design, there are various websites of permaculture organizations you can easily reach the information from, f.e http://www.permaculture.org.uk/knowledge-base    

      best wishes,


      We shall see whether or not I receive any more email from either  (or both?) of these gentlemen, but spam filters are easy to define so I am not too worried either way.


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