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5890Re: [pfaf] Drought in the UK

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  • fran k
    Feb 21, 2012
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      Hi Niels,  I heard about these fears in the autumn. the system likes to worry its slaves doesnt it!  But we had an inordinate amount of rain this year over the autumn and winter. 
      Is there anything to worry about.  Is there any difference of rainfall in the Uk over all the years records have been kept.?
      The UK is an absolutely  rain washed country so it feels odd to think of lack of water as a worrry..
      Other countries such as India where people are concerned about water, Vandana Siva and others have explained that this worry is not because of any new shortage of supplies because water has been used wisely by the peoples of those countries for many thousands of years, rather it is because of the 'monetization' of water, where because the ones who are awash with the money tickets can take lots of water for their swimming pools golf courses and western style cash crops, thus depriving the rest who for the most part havent got the money tickets to pay the Earth life admission fees.
      "Picture of an Earth for sale sign here."

      Some goods are abundant  -- air, beach, sand etc, land for food.    
      Other goods are limited but enough if shared out sensibly such as water. 
      Other goods are naturally scarce, such as art works and those things put together using resources.   
      Water is a very good example of a limited good that has been made scarce by money.

      We slaves need these money tickets to live, until we demonetize abundant goods and limited goods. and free our needs,
      So I would think the thing to be concerned about really is the issue of why should we have to pay to live on the Planet.


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