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5886Re: Russian Tomatoes

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  • travelerinthyme
    Feb 18, 2012
      I bought the original seeds from Nichols Garden Nursery in Oregon, who have many different heirloom veggies and flowers for sale, as well as a very informative online catalog. Their local climate is Northwest Coast, cool and humid, while mine in Texas is mild, wet winter and hot,dry summer, so not everything they offer will survive in my garden. It's much greener here in January than in August, then we have a "second spring" in September, so usually grow two short-season crops and let everything turn brown in summer. Cilantro and lettuce are winter weeds in our yard, but they are always gone before the tomatoes ripen, unlike typical Mediterranean fare. But I put away dozens of quarts of tomato sauce in season, to make quick meals with fresh herbs in winter. Beans 'n' Greens, our staple food.

      Two other tomato varieties that never fail me are Legend and Abe Lincoln. They are both good sliced or sauced. Personally, I'm not fond of raw tomatoes, but will put my salsas and marinaras up against any chef in the world ... it's those fresh marjoram and basil blossom tips that make the prize winning difference!
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