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5858Re: [pfaf] Happy new year

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  • Stella H Howell
    Jan 1, 2012
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      Thank you for your greetings.
      We do indeed require knowledge - not just any knowledge, but spiritual knowledge.
      I pray that we have liberty to enjoy and celebrate our beliefs.
      I pray for justice, when there will be an end to :
      'c h e m t r a i l s;
      no Genetically Engineered organisms/transgenic/genomic in our foods;
      no deceit in pharmaceuticals;
      no more man made pandemics;
      no more greed......
      Whilst I pray, I am aware that none of the above will be granted for the
      next 11 months as the world gets what it deserves.

      Peace within us and the Universe.
      Stella H Howell
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      Subject: [pfaf] Happy new year


      Best wishes to you and your family
      for a very
      happy and prosperous
      new year
      Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
      Pushpa Parmar
      186/3 Jail Road
      Mandi  HP  175001, INDIA

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