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5828Sharing cuttings/scion wood

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  • Charlie
    Dec 13, 2011
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      Hey all. I'm sure between us we have a great wealth in varieties of fruit and
      nut cultivars.

      Why not help each other by sharing hardwood cuttings and scion wood so that we
      can all grow an abundance of different fruits and nuts. One man's prunings is
      another's treasure!

      The cuttings that I have and would like to share are:

      Apple - Bramley, Worcester, Blenheim Orange

      Blackcurrants - various varieties

      Red currant - unknown variety, productive!

      Fuschia - I'm not sure on the variety but I've been nibbling the spicy berries!

      and just a small number of:

      Fig - Brown Turkey and White Ischia

      Grapes - Isabella and Bradt

      Goji berry

      Please respond to this thread if you like any of the above by post - or you're
      welcome to collect in person if you're in Devon.

      I'm particularly interested to find pear, medlar and hardy kiwi cuttings if
      anyone would like to share these!

      Best wishes to all,

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