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5821Permaflorae : New offline and portable way of consulting PFAF

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  • Nicollas
    Nov 11, 2011
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      i just finished my work on a new way of browsing the PFAF database, here are some major features :

      * Offline : you can browse PFAF database even when WWW is not available (do not fear the collapse of civilization anymore !)

      * Portable : no installation, you can copy-paste it in one of your directories, a USB key, burn it on a CD and use it on other computers

      * Powerful : more search option than on PFAF website (you can query all fields in one time)

      * User friendly : a bunch of visual features (like automatic update of results when you change something in the search form) to ease the search of the plants you need

      * And a lot more : exportation of results to PDF and BBCode, results sorted visually by fruit ripening date, filter the result from a list of plant (e.g. copy-pasted from a online catalog of plants ...), conversion to imperial metrics ...

      Here is the website, for screenshots, features and download link :


      Note that it is an alpha version, so it might not work on your configuration (it only works on windows, and only be tested on windows XP) and have a lots of bugs, but with time and help from the community, the software will be even better than today !

      Please note that this work is the result of hundreds of hours of development. After developing it for myself, to counter limitations of PFAF website, i decided to update it heavily in order to bring the good of PFAF to everyone. In first place i hoped to fundraise it, to let the community free the code, but communication with PFAF staff has been slow and difficult, and has i will be dad in a few weeks, i'm finally releasing the software and code for free and under the same creative common licence as the database, so i hope to receive a few bucks from donations of satisfied users, thanks for your comprehension !


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