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5787Re: Chenopodium - oxalic acid

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  • travelerinthyme
    Oct 3, 2011
      <LOL> Long before you eat enough lambs quarters to give you oxalic acid poisoning, you will be tired of eating them, and your poop will turn green!

      If it were the ONLY veggie you ate, perhaps you'd have a problem, but how much spinach do you like, anyway?

      As long as you eat all your other colours every day: red, brown, yellow, orange, you probably won't overdose on green.

      I just lost a couple of molars, and have difficulty chewing, so the "mysterious green powder" has really come in handy, added to soups and omelettes. Yesterday I made soup with brown rice and overcooked frozen mixed veggies, put thru the blender to make "cream of veggie soup" and feel completely nourished, with the addition of a bit of cheese and a cup of hot tea. Being a toothless old hag is a drag!

      ~Traveler in Thyme
      Blanco, TX hot and dry
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