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5748Re: don't scratch that itch

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  • Francis S
    Aug 13, 2011
      Here is a random link for Texas plantago
      I think maybe even hitting mosquitoe's while biting
      may cause it easier too send out the poison, but I haven't compared enough.

      One time though while in a( rainy) field of long grass I didn't hit any
      and after being bit every second way over 20 times a scond
      (not uncommon Im a guitar player)
      I didn't have any need (itches) to scratch.

      taking vitamin B 1 garlic can help
      also rubbing mint (catnip) on your skin should work
      (but they will still crawl on you looking for a spot to bite.)
      I never tried making tea , and putting it on your skin,
      but I've read you can use pine needle tea.

      so many other things (aromatic smelling )herbs you can use,
      but i'd have to search for it.

      I quote
      Thirteen species of plantain are recognized in Texas.
      Most are native, cool-season annuals,
      but three species are perennials and two are introduced.

      redseed plantain (Plantago rhodosperma Dcne.)
      Cedar OR Heller plantain (Plantago hellerii Small)
      Hooker plantain


      It is always good to have some froze
      just in case someone gets something like athlets foot in the winter
      a strange bite or something else.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "travelerinthyme" <traveler.in.thyme@...> wrote:
      > If you never scratch a chigger or mosquito bite, it never itches after the first few minutes, because you haven't broken the skin to let in bacteria.
      > I taught my kids never to scratch, they hardly ever had scabs.
      > ~Traveler in Thyme
      > Texas, where the bugs roam free!
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