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5746Re: don't scratch that itch

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  • Francis S
    Aug 12 4:52 AM
      I agree People could use broad leaf plaintain plantago major
      a common yard weed throughout the USA , and in many other countries
      (for even brown recluse spider bites) to draw out the poison)

      out doors you can rub it inbetween your fingers,
      chew it up, and spit out the juice

      I usually freeze it, it makes it put out juice easier
      you can heat it for wounds(infections) also.

      you can make a salve/ (or lotion) with it
      with olive oil , plaintain, and bee's wax

      form a organic homesteading forum [link below]
      accualy it was the recipe garden ,
      but you have to join both if your interested.
      (they also have a trading group)


      recipe garden


      the whole plant is edible
      Oh, and the seeds are metimucial,
      and plantain ovata is psyllium husks
      used in cleaning out your colon
      (detoxing with bentonite clay found in wine making shops)

      I am interested in native to illinois plantago species seeds

      a few that were native

      Bracted Plantain
      woolly plantain,
      small plantain

      or The latin names

      Plantago aristata
      Plantago patagonica
      Plantago pusilla
      Plantago virginica

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "travelerinthyme" <traveler.in.thyme@...> wrote:
      > If you never scratch a chigger or mosquito bite, it never itches after the first few minutes, because you haven't broken the skin to let in bacteria.
      > I taught my kids never to scratch, they hardly ever had scabs.
      > ~Traveler in Thyme
      > Texas, where the bugs roam free!
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