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5730Re: [pfaf] Re: fig trees

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  • Li Hod
    Jul 19, 2011
      I'm usually a lurker but I would like to add my 'bit' about figs, we have temperatures down here to minus 14 to minus 18, though only a dozen or less nights a year. summers are hot.... How they seem to do well here is to plant them in their best drainage you can give them.....though  they are nearly always planted close to a building here. I have one out growing in the forest garden, though it has taken around 3 years to fruit. The biggest one i have i presume is maybe 100 yrs plus, so much fruit, the pig usually gets the bulk of it. i am in s w France, however I have noticed only 1 out of 3 small trees I plant actually make it through the first winter.....maybe worth keeping them in a pot for the first 2 years ? 

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