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  • Nikki
    Jul 1, 2011

      I would like to invite you to join my Facebook Group - the Kenaf Community. This brings to three the communities being developed around kenaf.
      Kenaf is about to explode on the world marketplace as the number one green fiber and the number one plant to fight global warming thorugh carbon

      sequestration. 1 acre of kenaf sequesters as much carbon dioxide as 8 acres of fast growing pine trees.
      The FitoKenaf community being developed on Facebook
      Connect with us on our Facebook Group the Kenaf Community at

      or email us at

      Kenaf Could Change the World If We All Got Involved In Planting It And Using It. Here's What Kenaf Can Do:

      1. Sequester More Carbon Per Acre Than Any Other Plant
      2. Be Food For Humans Anywhere In The World Where There Is Hunger
      3. Make Excellent Feed For Livestock including Backyard Fish Ponds
      4. The Stalks Can Be Used As Firewood
      5. Make Biochar For Fertilizing The Earth Organically
      6. Make Beautiful Cloth That Can Be Used For Clothing And Industrial Use
      7. Make Biocomposites That Can Be Used For Car Interiors
      8. Be Used To Generate Electricity
      9. Make A Better Quality Paper Than Pine Trees And Be Ready For Use In 6 Months Instead Of Years
      10. Have Seeds That Can Be Made Into Gluten Free Flour
      11. Have Seeds That Can Be Made Into A Cosmetic Oil
      12. Have Leaves That Make Excellent Potherbs
      13. Can Be Cut Back Many Times And When It Regrows It Produces More Food Or Feed
      14. Grows Faster Than Just About Any Plant
      15. Does Not Use A Lot Of Water - It Grows In Somalia
      16. BioChar Made From Kenaf Can Treat Human Wastes And Turn It Into Fertilizer
      17. The Inner Core Is Excellent For Animal Bedding Without Dust
      18. Many Kinds Of Building Materials Can Be Made From The Bast Fiber
      19. The Inner Core Fiber Can Be Made Into A Filler For A Lightweight Cement Block
      20. Extracted Kenaf seed oil can be used as a bio-fuel for Diesel engines

      The Three Values of Kenaf
      1. Monetary Value

      Kenaf can be a lucrative business project.  Provides food for people, livestock feed, fiber, fabric, paper, biochar organic fertilizer,

      biocomposites, automobile interiors, building materials

      2. Environmental Value

      Kenaf can fight global warming. One acre of Kenaf sequesters more carbon than 8 acres of fast growing pine trees.

      3. Ecospiritual Value

      Kenaf has the potential to end poverty by providing food for people, their livestock, for job creation and to build community.

      I have just completed my Ebook on kenaf development which includes over 40 kenaf opportunities presently available through the SPW Ecojustice

      Center. We are operating our kenaf projects onsite in Belize but we are working with associates in other countries as online consultants.

      I would like very much to share our resources with you to develop a kenaf project. If you would like to know more about the 40+ kenaf opportunities we

      are developing, the Ebook, "How to Succeed In Your Own Kenaf Business" is only US$97. It includes information on the following kenaf opportunities

      that we offer at this time. Our goal is the development of a kenaf based entrepreneurial culture utilizing the basic positives of kenaf including the fact

      that 1 acre of kenaf sequesters as much carbon dioxide as 8 acres of fast growing trees. The book includes information on how to tap these


      Opportunity 1. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Learn About The Profit Potential Of Kenaf In Kenaf Consultancy One
      Opportunity 2. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Obtain Kenaf Seed From The Project Leader In Kenaf Consultancy Two
      Opportunity 3. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Plants Kenaf Seeds According To Kenaf Consultancy Three
      Opportunity 4. –Kenaf Entrepreneur Plants And Fertilizes Kenaf According To Kenaf Consultancy Four
      Opportunity 5. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Cares For, Cultivates And Protects Kenaf According To Kenaf Consultancy Five
      Opportunity 6. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Make A First Harvest At 80 Days For Livestock Feed In Kenaf Consultancy Six
      Opportunity 7. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Can Feed The First Harvest As Green Cut And Carry Or Green Chopped Kenaf Can Be Dried For Later Use By

      Kenaf Entrepreneur In Kenaf Consultancy Seven
      The Kenaf Will Grow Back For The Second Harvest By The Kenaf Entrepreneur
      Opportunity 8. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Harvests The Stalks And Crushes Them In Kenaf Consultancy Eight
      Opportunity 9. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Can Now Harvest The Fiber From The Dried Stalks By Retting In Kenaf Consultancy Nine
      Opportunity 10. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Can Reap And Harvest Seeds In Kenaf Consultancy Ten
      Opportunity 11. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Can Prepare The Fiber For Market In Kenaf Consultancy Eleven
      Opportunity 12. - Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Find Markets For The Kenaf In Kenaf Consultancy Twelve
      Opportunity 13. - Kenaf Entrepreneurs Will Manufacture Cloth In Kenaf Consultancy Thirteen
      Opportunity 14 - Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Manufacture Handmade Paper In Kenaf Consultancy Fourteen
      Opportunity 15. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Process And Market The Core Fiber In Kenaf Consultancy Fifteen
      Opportunity 16. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Process Kenaf Into Powder Or Pellets In Kenaf Consultancy Sixteen
      Opportunity 17. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Develop A Rural Agroindustrial Center In Kenaf Consultancy Seventeen
      Opportunity 18. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Participate in FitoCarbon Century Conference In Kenaf Consultancy Eighteen
      Opportunity 19. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Will Enter FCAPE Awards Contest In Kenaf Consultancy Nineteen
      Opportunity 20. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Online Kenaf Extension Service In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty
      Opportunity 21. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Business Plan Interactive Service In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-One
      Opportunity 22. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Marketing Plan Service In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Two
      Opportunity 23. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Equipment Sourcing Service In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Three
      Opportunity 24. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Certified Seed Production Contract In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Four
      Opportunity 25. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Product Marketing Service In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Five
      Opportunity 26. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Participating Planter Service In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Six
      Opportunity 27. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Starter Kits In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Seven
      Opportunity 28. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Certified Seed Production Project In Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Eight
      Opportunity 29. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up for a Strong Investor in a Kenaf Project in Kenaf Consultancy Twenty-Nine
      Opportunity 30. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up with the Kenaf Participating Planters Program as an Environmental Marketing Agent
      Opportunity 31. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up with Gaining the Skills and Knowhow To Profit From Carbon Sequestration With the Clean Development

      Opportunity 32. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs to Make Biochar for Organic Fertilizer
      Opportunity 33. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up With the Kenaf Biomass Energy Project
      Opportunity 34. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up with the Kenaf and Leucaena Project To Make Fuelwood Briquettes From Kenaf and Leucaena
      Opportunity 35. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Invests in Planting Kenaf in Belize As a Member of the FitoKenaf Community
      Opportunity 36. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Invests in Learning and Working With Kenaf in Belize As A Kenaf Intern.
      Opportunity 37. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Develops a Kenaf Tourism Project
      Opportunity 38. Landowner Develops Kenaf Project With SPW Ecojustice Extension Consulting Program
       Opportunity 39. Kenaf Entrepreneur Creates A Livestock Feed Industry Through the Cut and Carry Method
       Opportunity 40 – Kenaf Entrepreneurs Acquires a Body of Knowledge Through The Kenaf Online Course
       Opportunity 41 – Kenaf Entrepreneur In The USA Develop a Green Business As a FitoKenaf US County Coordinator
      Opportunity 42 -- International Kenaf Entrepreneurs Profit By Developing Kenaf in Their Countries as a  FitoKenaf Country Consultant
      Opportunity 43. – Kenaf Entrepreneur Signs Up For Kenaf Working Plan Service In Kenaf Consultancy Forty -Three

      The book is available by payment of US$97 through Western Union or Money Gram to Dee Brightman, Monticello, Arkansas USA. It will be sent to you

      as an EBook by FTP or by email. It is over 300 pages long. and extensively illustrated. You may see more information about the book in these two


      With this book in your hands you will be able to make decisions about where you want to enter into the kenaf entrepreneurial culture being developed.

      We are leading this development and would invite you to participate in any of our present three online communities

      1. The FitoKenaf community being developed on Facebook
      Connect with us on our Facebook Group the Kenaf Community at

      or email us at

      2. The Yahoo Group Kenaf Profits
      Kenaf Information and Knowhow Sharing List On Yahoo - Go to Yahoo Groups and look up Kenafprofits

      3. The Kenaf For Food for Mountain children - A facebook cause to develop a kenaf based ecovillage in the mountains of Intibuca, Honduras

      Again, thank you for your interest in being part of this new developing kenaf world.

      Yours sincerely,

      Carol Cross, PhD