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5699Mexico mystery plant

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  • hnrypt
    Jun 21, 2011
      I've just joined your group from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico, where I have started my first garden in my life...and am using permaculture principles for the design and care. Lacking information and access to organic seeds a year ago, I brought seeds from the States. Many of seeds I chose I knew nothing about except how they functioned for the garden and/or if it was something I might want to eat. I have a number of plants that I can't identify and neither can the locals! Can I eat them? Are they good for me? Medicinal? Good for the soil? I just found your group and hope someone might know what one of these mystery plants might be. I have posted photos in an album...La Cruz Permaculture... I think it might be in the mustard family, or mustard cabbage family (I planted a braising mix that included several mustards, but none that look like this) from my research, but nothing shows a leaf quite like this. You can see that the largest leaves are around 14" across. I have eaten a few, but am a bit nervous until I get more information. There is not a strong flavor like most mustards, but other factors seem to point more in that direction than other families/genus. Thanks so much for any input. Pat
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