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5573RE: [pfaf] Re: sustainable global meat production (was 'Plant based diets / 'definition of 'farm' ')

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  • Steph in Montana
    May 3, 2011
      > Hi Steve,
      > Of course it is possible to keep livestock sustainably but only on a
      > small scale>

      this is my first post to this list. I am very interested in the
      discussions and they have lead me to next world TV... Go through this
      sight and see what small scale sustainable really is! The window gardens
      are fabulous and mine feeds my family of 6 salads every night all winter.
      The LED light upgrade makes it almost free to operate.
      Here is the blirb they send biweekly or more often with the video clip at
      the bottom.
      Best to you all and cheers, Steph in Montana

      Begin forward message"">>>>>>>

      New York is a city notoriously short on space, but rooftop
      farming is on the rise.

      While the practice is currently an environmental rather than
      a financial trend, meet "Bright Farm Systems" a company that
      specializes in providing rooftop farms to schools, non- profits
      and corporations. They are banking on that the cost savings
      will soon be a real incentive.

      This video is one of several in Nextworld TV's new category:
      Urban Initiatives. It spotlights all the inspiring solutions
      coming straight from the belly of the beast: the big cities,
      where food is now growing on rooftops as well as in backyards
      and windows, where bike lanes are expanding, co- ops are
      forming and guerilla gardeners are on the loose!

      Video (2:41)


      This video was produced by VOA

      Bibi Farber
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