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5541summer-workcamp in 3 emancipatory and/or vegan gardening-projects

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  • Allmende Verden
    Apr 30, 2011
      summer-workcamp in 3 emancipatory and/or vegan gardening-projects
      24.8.-2.9.2011 Verden, 3.-6.9. in the Gourmetgärtnerei Elsdorf, ,
      7.-13.9. AZ Kim Hubert/Salzwedel (all germany)

      summertime - camptime, workcamp as a livestile is our motto: Instead
      of going stale on one´s own clod we drive from one garden-project to
      the next and work together. We want to go about doing the workcamp
      together with activ people from the projects and guests: Working
      together, learn from each other, spend time in the group, discuss,
      cook, party and hanging around.
      We invite you to join in the ?summer-workcamp-caravan?. The following
      things we´re requesting from participants:
      *announce early and binding. There are only 7 places. You can also
      take part only for a certain time of the caravan.
      *from the participants we wish a fee for the costs of the food
      (they´re gona be low, there´s gona be some dumpsterdiving and
      scrounging). The accomodation is gona be in heated rooms and
      sleepingbags. Weatherproof workclothes you have to bring yourself.
      * gardenstart is a profeminist shelter in which everyone should be
      able to be save from violations of his or her personal borders.
      Everyone should be able here to tinker with him/herselfs identity and
      shouldn´t be pushed in a certain one. So bloke-behavior and homophobia
      would be out of place. For these things everybody should take

      +49162-780 73 98 or +4917661668718

      Allmende e.V.-Gemeinschaftlicher Permakulturgarten für Verden
      Artilleriestr. 6
      D-27283 Verden
      Tel (+49) 4231- 90 30 470 (lange aufs Klingeln warten)
      Mobil (+49) 17 66166 8718
      Kurze und lange Aufenthalte im Gartenprojekt oft möglich!