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  • Matthew Sleigh
    Apr 28, 2011
      >     Most of the Animals I am familiar with [the ones I have raised, or hunted]  have a broad base of nutrition, -- even the Coyote, [that I have spent time trapping] has an amazingly broad base of foods [mostly plants] that they eat. Even my cow if given her choice will eat lots of different plants, not just grass.

      When I said I wanted to make some goat pasture, I had our goat
      specialist protesting and counting off all the goat beneficial
      non-Gramineae we have (thinking that I wanted to remove these and
      replace them with grass - we have dozens of species of grass).
      Goats don't choose to eat the one weed I really want to eradicate from
      our gardens (Mikania micrantha
      ). but they do eat loads of plants I want to keep. Too many to list !

      Most of the especially goat-beneficial plants are protein-rich
      Leguminosae like Mimosa pudica, Flemingia macrophylla, Leucaena
      leucocephala, Cajanus cajan . . .

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