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5288RE: [pfaf] Re: fennel seeds and estragole

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  • Elaine Sommers
    Mar 8, 2011
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      "The European Union already has legislations in place to limit what we can grow. They don't ban anything really, they just set such high standards and high prices for certification, so that small seed-companies or those selling rare varieties cant afford the fees for the speciality seeds. The EU has these lists of varieties that are ok."
      Have you heard of The Real Seed Company? They 'sell' more unusual and older seed varieties. Because of the European legislation they charge 1p per order for a year's club membership, so that in fact they are selling seeds to a 'seed club'. They are completely organic and encourage own seed saving and indeed, give instructions on how to do so.
      They are not allowed to sell outside of the European Union but do offer alternative companies run along the same lines in other parts of the world.

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