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5286Re: [pfaf] re: fennel seeds and estragole

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  • Matthew Sleigh
    Mar 7, 2011
      I always try to use herbs collected locally, or unprocessed herbs (there is an old herbalist's adage that the herbs you need will come to you, I am always looking at the plants wherever I am anyway)

      The history of processed herbal medicines is cluttered with adulterants - even the most basic commercially packaged cooking herbs and spices are often old, or collected at the wrong season, and sometimes misidentified. Cinnamon is often cassia, basils that must be used fresh are sold as cooking basil. I have purchased many different brands of chilli powder and can't remember ever buying any that was good.

      Even the most respected herb companies are at the mercy of their suppliers - often based thousands of miles away, it cannot be easy to check identity and freshness for every batch of powder that arrives at their factories, and good sample data is necessary for comparison.
      All the best,
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