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5285Re: fennel seeds and estragole

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  • Sapho
    Mar 7, 2011
      > On Sun, 06 Mar 2011 17:54 GMT Elaine Sommers wrote:
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      > >Can I just say, as someone studying herbalism and nutrition, that I agree with all of this. The subject is so huge it could go on and on.
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      > >Just a note on keeping herbs available and legal - I can't see how they can reasonably prevent people growing their own medicines in the form of herbs. You'd have to ban so many plants it would be like a police state, heaven forbid! I did have to send away to the USA to get hold of some lobelia tincture which is quite annoying, but I'm sure I could grow my own if I really wanted to. (I live in the UK)
      > >
      > >Blessings,
      > >Elaine.

      The European Union already has legislations in place to limit what we can grow. They don´t ban anything really, they just set such high standards and high prices for certification, so that small seed-companies or those selling rare varieties cant afford the fees for the speciality seeds. The EU has these lists of varieties that are ok.

      "The EU seed catalogue system

      Each member state of the European Union is required to maintain a national catalogue (or "list" as it is called in some countries) of officially recognised varieties which may be freely marketed in its territory. The national catalogues are then collated together by the European Commission into what is known as the EU Common Catalogue. Varieties which are not listed in a national or the Common Catalogue are, technically speaking, not allowed to be marketed in the EU."

      Read more on Grain.org:

      The Catalogs and Legislation:

      So it can get difficult getting speciality seeds. We should start seedbanks and seed exchange mechanisms... Now!

      with regards,
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