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527Re: [pfaf] CAP single payment scheme

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  • Richard Morris
    Apr 12, 2004
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      I wrote:
      > (http://www.defra.gov.uk/farm/capreform/implementation/impl02.htm)
      > A flat rate payment will apply in England, with each eligible hectare
      > (excluding permanent crops and forestry) in each region attracting the
      > same rate of subsidy.

      So I now find that this is breaking news, (odd I only
      stumbled across this today while looking at defra grants).

      There was an 10 min piece on this Radio 4 today.
      This mainly focussed on on the threat it may pose to
      orchards with one farmer saying how he was going to have
      to burn his orchard as it will become economically
      unsustainable. Probably a bit of an over reaction
      as there is a four year transition period.

      Is there a need for a bit of campaigning on this issue.
      I'm going to fax my MP (FaxYourMP.com).

      > Hence growing permanent perennials crops will
      > be excluded ;-(.

      Phil Slade wrote:
      > Yes, but not necessarily forever, it is an adaptable/reformable regime, if
      > very slow moving.
      > If permanent perennials crops are a valid option they will eventually be
      > included (we hope ).
      > regards Phil.

      Heres hoping.

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