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  • travelerinthyme
    Mar 4, 2011
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      I had a friend in the A/C biz tell me that you should never expect your heat/cool mechanism to make more than a 20 degree Farenheit difference between the indoors and outdoors, or else you are spending way too much money and overburdening your equipment. If it's cold inside, put on longjohns and a sweater, if it's pleasant, open the windows (why I never could stand working in an office or retail store ... Claustrophobia!)

      I've always wish I lived at Amory Lovins' house in Colorado, with banana trees in the greenhouse. But that kinda emphasises my point that it's easier to maintain a greenhouse in the cold than in the heat. Same with our house here in Texas. You can put on longjohns and a sweater, and sit by the fire on chilly days, but when it's 99 degrees in the shade with 99% humidity, ain't nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and the A/C bills are horrendous. This big old barn is not too difficult to cool, as the wide eaves prevent the sun from hitting the glass until late afternoon, when I pull the same thick, insulating drapes we use to keep out the winter drafts.

      ~Traveler in Thyme, zone 8-9
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