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5266Re: [pfaf] Re: cool/cold climate greenhouse

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  • Ossi Kakko
    Mar 3, 2011
      Just want to let you know that Jerome Osentowski in Central Rocky Mountain
      Permaculture Institute has excellent cool/cold climate greenhouse design
      utilizing the subterranean heating and cooling system, aka climate
      battery. See more info:



      :) ossi (from finland)

      > You have to have lots of panels and lots of storage capacity to handle the
      > nights and the unexpected days when there is cloud cover. In northern
      > latitudes, solar in winter is a dream or a very, very expensive reality.
      > From experience, it doesn't take many hours to drain a storage bank if it
      > is not being replenished every day and I do mean every day. An overcast
      > day is a big, big problem. Two days in a row means turning on the mains
      > or a generator. When ever I look at a so-called off-grid setup, the
      > moment I see a generator is the moment that I call foul.
      > Since you are trying to minimise heat loss, it would seem to make sense to
      > look at construction. Obviously, south facing is critical. If that's
      > where the sun is strongest, why expose the northern wall to the air?
      > Insulate it, ideally, by building into a hill side and burying all but
      > that south wall. Build on a concrete slab that is painted black.
      > MikeH
      > --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, john willis <wilf1946@...> wrote:
      >> Hello Traveller in ThymeTotally agree about heating greenhouses with
      >> fossil fuel but I do feel they are pretty good passive solar collectors
      >> on sunny days and also pv panels can be used to charge batteries for
      >> nights and dark days.JohnMW
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      >> From: traveler.in.thyme@...
      >> Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 13:59:36 +0000
      >> Subject: [pfaf] Re: overwintering tomatoes in greenhouse
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