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524CAP single payment scheme

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  • Richard Morris
    Apr 12, 2004
      I was just browsing through the DEFRA site and found some
      references to the Common Agricultural Policy, single payment scheme.

      From http://www.defra.gov.uk/farm/capreform/index.htm

      Agreement June 2003 - Introduction

      Summary of Single Payment Scheme for England - 12 February 2004

      Main Points

      1. The CAP reform agreement was a major breakthrough; it achieved
      far more than many expected, freeing farmers to produce what the market
      and consumers want rather than what the subsidy regimes dictate.
      2. The reforms provide the opportunity to reduce the bureaucracy
      farmers face, by rolling a plethora of subsidies into a new single
      payment which is not linked to what they produce.
      3. It will reduce the environmental impact of farming by removing an
      incentive to intensify production and by linking subsidy to compliance
      with environmental and other standards.
      4. It is right that farmers should comply with environmental, food
      safety and animal welfare standards if they are to enjoy taxpayer
      subsidy. Nevertheless, we intend to introduce these requirements in a
      proportionate way.
      5. The deal also means more resources for wider rural development goals.
      6. We want to use the opportunities from these reforms to put our
      farming industry onto a profitable and sustainable path.

      To my mind this all seems to be a big step in the right
      direction. The only down side from a Perennial perspective
      A flat rate payment will apply in England, with each eligible hectare
      (excluding permanent crops and forestry) in each region attracting the
      same rate of subsidy.

      Hence growing permanent perennials crops will
      be excluded ;-(.

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