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5125Re: [pfaf] Re: Green manure/mulch

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  • Ludwig
    Jan 28, 2011
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      Thank you everyone for your splendid suggestions.

      Comfrey is indeed my favorite mulching and companion plant. It grows so well with trees. I use Symphytum x uplandicum, Russian Comfrey, bocking 14. Like Frank pointed out, it is an infertile hybrid. It is easily divided and propagated. But it won't turn up where you don't want it.

      I am looking for something else than comfrey, cause were I want to sow these green manures this year, I want to grow vegetables next year.

      Seems white clover, yarrow, borage, oats and alfalfa are recommended by Matthew Lynch. I might add Bird's foot trefoil (lotus corniculatus) or white mustard (sinapsis alba) or meadow fescue  (festuca pratensis) to the mix. I like diversity :-)

      Steve, you said:
      For pasture or other broadacre design, a winter wheat/vetch/rye mixture may be appropriate.

      Is that a recommended mixture to sow next autumn, or can I still sow that this spring? What would you recommend to sow this spring?

      I'd love a recipe for comfrey salves Bekki!

      Thank you everyone!


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