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5122Re: Green manure/mulch

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  • Bekki Shining Bearheart LMT
    Jan 28 8:20 AM
      Hi All,

      I love comfrey and grow it in several places in my yard and gardens--- I
      find it very useful for improving soil (one area with a lot of clay for
      instance) and holding banks (we have a stream that runs through our

      That said, no one has addressed its tendency to be invasive and spread
      aggressively. I am careful to put it where it won't be a nuisance...

      I haven't tried cover crops, our vegetable garden is small and all
      raised beds so I assumed that cover croppng wouldn't be practical; so we
      mulch heavily with fallen leaves in autumn and amend with horse manure
      from neighbors. We use the same protocol for our extensive herb beds.
      (we don't really have much lawn). When we kept goats that was the best--
      we composted the old bedding and manure and dug it in.

      We live in rural sutheast Ohio...

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