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5106Fwd: Call for help with an online Plant Database

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  • refugia
    Jan 6, 2011
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                 Hi Permaculturalists,

      Can you spare a few hours for some data entry for a Permaculture project?

      I am in the process of creating a Permaculture Plant
      Database<http://www.beetlemoose.com/PlantDB/charSelect.php>that is
      free and open to the public. There are about 300 plants in the
      database so far with characteristics that Permaculturalists might find
      useful: Functions, physical description, blooming times, beneficial insects
      attracted, etc. In the near future, users will be able to leave comments
      about their experiences with certain plants so in this way users can learn
      from each other.

      My hope is that the more information that is in the database, the more it
      can help novice Permaculturalists like myself find the plants to fill
      certain niches in the garden. The thing is, I need some help with data
      entry. I have lists of scores of plants (mainly perennials) and many of
      their characteristics, and I want to put the word out that anyone interested
      in volunteering a few hours for this project would be greatly appreciated.

      If you reply to me I can supply you with the plant lists and a user-friendly
      Excel template on which to record the information.

      The effort requires some computer experience (Excel spreadsheets, drop-down
      boxes), and some knowledge of plants would be helpful. The benefits include
      getting familiar with plants that fit into various Permaculture patterns,
      and potentially helping to develop the project further.

      So that's my pitch. Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you soon.


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