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5086re: soy (tempeh)

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  • Steve
    Dec 6, 2010
      Hi Elaine, and all interested.
      As part of opening up the debate on the overall edibility of soybeans and their derivative products...
      I was wondering if you had tried Tempeh (soybeans par-boiled then inoculated and fermented with the spores and/or mycelium of Rhizopus oligosporus).  It's lovely when made fresh - sadly many people only know the storebought product.  This is by far my favourite way to consume soybeans. 
      We made our own for a while, and would like to again, but our source won't ship it overseas. . a few times I've been tempted to get friends or family to smuggle some in for us.  Bermuda has some really conservative views on importation.  This is somewhat justified, considering the near-total eradication in the 1950's of the cedar forest (Juniperus bermudiana).  I say "somewhat," because whenever you actually plant that many trees of the same species in one place (cedar was used for shipbuilding and cabinetry) they are susceptible to blight. 
      I'll leave that digression there, for now, I think.


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