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  • Allmende Verden
    Sep 28, 2010
      Hmm, no mails since midjuli...
      ...and that this doesnt bore you only: Our biggest peaches are dead
      since we had extreme latefrosts this year (the young leaves died), the
      same problems on young castaneas and juglans´. We had the most extreme
      mousepopulation ever in the following drought. The trees had very few
      fruits due to extreme long&cold winter and late frosts killing
      flowers. That´s a bit of this year in north germany. &greetings from

      Zitat von Steve <permalove@...>:

      > Hi there,
      > I'm Steve in Bermuda.
      > This response is more to do with the birds themselves than the fodder.. you
      > guys already know about comfrey and dandelions, etc, so I won't go over it
      > again.
      > I run several chickens in a tractor (portable bottomless cage), and mostly I
      > like to keep them moving onto fresh forage/lounge area. There are several
      > really good reasons for this; namely, the chickens get a diverse intake of
      > protein and greens, they are less stressed and they aren't lounging on their
      > own droppings.
      > However, several times I have used the tractor to create a deep mulch bed.
      > To do this I spread and inch or two of fresh, dry hay on top of the old hay
      > every day or two... after a week or two, there's a thick mat of hay which
      > is nicely interspersed with chicken manure. After removing the tractor, I
      > water the piles a few times.. not strictly necessary, but compost loves to
      > be moist. After a month or two, the entire lower half of the pile is
      > beautiful and fluffy, mixed into the soil gradually by the earthworms and
      > other decomposers. Seriously, it looks like chocolate cake.
      > I plant right into this. Yes, it does need some time to mellow out, but
      > there's no turning or digging.
      > The carbon in the hay ties up the nitrogen in the manure.
      > Peace,
      > Steve.
      > --
      > The rule of no realm is mine . . . great or small.
      > But all worthy things that are in peril as the world now stands, those are
      > my care.
      > And for my part, I shall not wholly fail of my task . . . if anything passes
      > through this night that can still grow fair or bear fruit and flower again
      > in days to come.
      > For I also am a steward. Did you not know?
      > ~ Gandalf

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