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  • Infowolf1@aol.com
    Jul 16, 2010
      why not sweep up the chicken poop and let it compost in a little pile, and keep it from
      over acidifying the ground?

      Mary Christine

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      the chicken poo is highly concentrated, with very much of nitrogen. They soil get quite fast "burnt" by that nitrogen and just few plants can deal with that condition. Compaction is the progressive consequence of a soil without plants/roots that "hold" the structure of the soil. 

      What you can do are small chicken wire domes or structures that protect highly growing, nutritious plants. The wire will protect the plants from overgrazing but the chickens will manage to eat some of the leaves growing out from the wire. 
      A very good plant for this is comfrey. 
      You can also plant mulberries in that space.. chickens like those fruit very much! 
      I leave the advice for good fodder plants to the experts! 

      good luck


      Da: lesleysprite <beanorange@hotmail. com>
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      Inviato: Mar 20 aprile 2010, 14:38:31
      Oggetto: [pfaf] Plants to follow chicken


      My chickens are free roaming most of the time but they will be in their enclosure enough to scrape it bare in a few months, and may be for parasites to build up.

      My intention is to double the size of the enclosure and split it, grow something in one half, giving it a break from the chickens and swap round after some as yet undecided period.
      Does anyone have any suggestions, something that I or the chickens could eat?

      I can see the patch of ground that chickens were kept on a while back and it it's bare except for dock leaves, is this because the ground is very acidic? It may just be compacted from people walking in the enclosure.

      I somehow had the idea in my head that the chicken poo and scratching would be quite good for the soil, but my neighbours who kept the previous chickens say not, and are sceptical of me being able to grow anything there. Any ideas gratefully received.

      Thanks a lot

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