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4993Re: Persimmon propagation

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  • Francis S
    Apr 25, 2010
      Im not sure if anyone alse wrote this, y
      you mentioned it being dry so maybe this could help too.

      I have found a terarium to work for starting seeds,
      any aqarium sealed I cut A piece of cardboard, ,
      and line it with a platic garbage bag
      to hold in the humidity while they are in pots.
      (Im not sure you you need to,
      but I even add water out side the pots)

      but I even use a plasic Grocery bag
      puffed out not wrapped up for building up humidity.

      I have even went as far as fermenting wine inside the aquarium.
      (In a glass gallon size jar)

      Uncovering it at night IS what I do,
      I also use soil thats not to pasty,
      (it acts different in pots)
      Some decaying leaf matter from a forest floor may be useful.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Organic Life <Brave.life.earth@...> wrote:
      > thank you for your many great suggestions...I appreciate all of you...the
      > seeds have gone through wintering and also they have been kept moist...here
      > in Texas we get lots of dry spells...of which I think this tiny wild
      > persimmon is adapted to...but I have tried to keep it moist and also have
      > conditions of its original habitat...i did allow some of the seeds to relish
      > in the flesh of the fruits and decay as well...hopefully soon some little
      > sprouts will become available for me...take care

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