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  • giantgardener
    Mar 12, 2010
      Didn't PFAF start out as a donations only site? Has Ken Fern ever charged for his online database? The earth is doomed if the BOD ever gets that notion into their heads! I can honestly say, permaculture would not mean as much--to me--if it weren't for PFAF. Its become a shining model for all aspects of the permaculture movement.

      Unfortunately many are ignoring the model and charge for information desperately needed by all more than ever, not just for farmers interested in making more socially responsible money in the currently popular organics movement. Nothing wrong with that, but what is there for the budding backyard gardener [of which there are a vast number - more than farmers] who becomes interested in permaculture -- not to make a buck, but simply to feed their families while helping the earth just a bit? Most courses are prohibitive, and to be honest...a bit over our heads at first, while precious guild info is little to nonexistant online. Polyculture info often feels like pulling teeth with the more knowledgable. Seems more and more are getting the idea one can profit off the movement lately so why not, even marginally? Gets you down at times, seeing more of Madison Avenue creeping in, is all.

      Does anyone truly realize what Ken took a chance on? The PFAF database has benefitted every people group throughout the world. Do you think the Apois Institute will be able to say the same in 30 years? No one can deny PFAF is a labor of love. For free, based on donations. Hint, hint. You betcha, both for PFAF and to the Apois Institute. I'd be more than happy to regularly donate if the freely collected info will be free to all. Other than that, it's just another fancy garden club.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, mIEKAL aND <qazingulaza@...> wrote:
      > Charging to view a wiki seems to be a contradiction in terms. & collecting
      > members information without them benefiting from from the fees collected is
      > a real head scratcher. Wikis were originally designed to facilitate the
      > open source movement. Information wants to be free.
      > ~mIEKAL
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