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  • School Gardens for Change
    Mar 9, 2010
      Dear all,

      I volunteer as a school garden teacher ... and I believe that organic school gardens are one of the best solutions to improve our youth's health, education and future.  I am excited to let you know about an amazing opportunity this week for you to take action to increase the impact of school gardens all across America.

      That's why I'm urging you to VOTE THIS WEEK ONLY to win a national campaign for school gardens! In the 2010 "Ideas for Change in America" contest, the idea "Good Food For All Kids: A Garden at Every School" is currently competing to win.

      for "Good Food For All Kids: A Garden at Every School"in the 2010 "Ideas for Change in America" contest.

      Go to http://change.org/ideas to vote for the idea of universal school gardens at

      There are only TWO days left to vote for a sustainable food future through school gardens: Voting ends Friday, March 12th! The top 10 ideas are winners, and after more than one week of voting, "A Garden at Every School" is holding strong in a dead heat for 10th place. In order to win, it's essential for EVERYONE to VOTE ONCE in this poll and to advise more people in your community to participate in this vote! The top 10 ideas will then be launched as national grassroots campaigns.

      Please vote today and pass along to your friends:
      (or a shorter link to pass on): www.tinyurl.com/schoolgardens

      Please vote for this vision:
      "By planting a garden at every school in America, we will ensure that every young person has the opportunity to benefit from eating more fresh healthy foods. A well-planned edible schoolyard can supply a significant portion of a school's daily food needs. By cultivating a garden together, children learn vital skills in team work, problem solving, creative planning, and sustainable living. Garden-based classes are a great way to complement classroom education in many subjects including biology, botany, ecology, mathematics, nutrition, art, and writing. Most importantly, gardening is fun for youth! School gardens can dramatically enliven the learning process by giving students the ability to connect in a very experiential and hands-on way with the incredible living world unfolding all around them. The diet of America's youth needs to improve. Hunger, bad nutrition and obesity among children are leading causes of health risks and often contribute to poor classroom performance. For all of these reasons and many more, let's support the vision for a garden growing at every school in America!"

      The originator of this idea for a garden at every school in America is Ethan Genauer, a 30 year-old school gardening teacher in Washington, DC. The mission of "School Gardens Across America" is to coalesce a national "universal school gardening" movement that will plant a large number of new school gardens across the United States in Spring 2010, leading to a garden planted at every US school within this decade.

      Thanks so much for your vote in the "Ideas for Change in America" competition.

      Please forward this on to any other folks who may be interested in supporting the universal growth of school gardens!

      Congratulations for participating in food democracy!

      Ethan Genauer