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  • Steve
    Mar 3, 2010
    Hi Everyone,

    This is a partial list.. mostly to do with permaculture related
    subjects, but with some digressions - if you know me, you'll know
    that's a completely normal part of conversation with me, and this is
    basically a conversation I'm starting.

    You should feel free to write me with questions or thoughts on any of
    these books/topics.

    Peace and love,


    (p.s. - I guess I'd better add "Home Economics" by Wendell Berry to the list..)

    "In the face of all-annihilating weapons, the natural next step may be
    the use of no weapons. It may be that the only possibly effective
    defense against the ultimate weapon is no weapon at all."

    ~ Wendell Berry, in '84 (from the essay "Property, Patriotism and
    National Defense" as included in the book "Home Economics")
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