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4873Re: Eating Sustainably

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  • Steve
    Mar 1, 2010
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      Hi Michael,

      How much land are you growing on, if you don't mind me asking?

      Also, what are some examples of your carbon imports? Do you use
      things like cane or pampas grass?



      (Michael wrote)
      I grow all my own food, I raise Taro, Malanga, Tropical Yams, and lots
      of "normal" vegetables and fruit trees, I have free range Chickens,
      and hatch some of the eggs, to raise for meat Chickens. I do import as
      much organic material as I can get for free, I use Daikon most of the
      year as a lettuce substitute, as some varieties have lettuce like
      leaves,etc, etc,
      Michael Porter
      Orange Springs FL

      "In the face of all-annihilating weapons, the natural next step may be
      the use of no weapons. It may be that the only possibly effective
      defense against the ultimate weapon is no weapon at all."

      ~ Wendell Berry, in '84 (from the essay "Property, Patriotism and
      National Defense" as included in the book "Home Economics")
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