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4871Re: [pfaf] Re: Permaculture Association February E-bulletin - research on Polycultures etc

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  • Carles Esquerda
    Mar 1, 2010
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      Hi Giantgardener,
      I completely agree with you in that the permaculture information is being commercialized and from the outside the permaculture movement looks like a course-business. Most people (but fortunately not all) are keeping valuable information ready to be sold, but not freely shared. I think that this attitude is hindering the expansion of permaculture, and might lead to its death sooner or later.
      It is just my impression as a beginner, but that could be more people's view, too.


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      I'd contribute only if the information is going to be available for free, not "member-fee" driven. They will be getting this info for---free?- --then selling it? I certainly hope not. Any word on that yet, because I can't seem to find out specifically if they are planning on such critically valuable information being available to all, similar to PFAF's database, or not. And what about any (expensive) books he might create from this free info? Now, there's another sticky subject entirely, but I digress....

      I'm not putting down the idea. I'm all for it. Just asking some hard questions, that's all. Don't know about if others have noticed, but is anyone else becoming alarmed by how many people are now out there selling permaculture information, teaching, etc., cashing in on the movement? Permaculture is going to die a quick death if it becomes any more commercialized. Just when we're going to need it the most? Or is that what some of these jokers are counting on? That people will become desperate and take these "courses" now popping up like mushrooms?

      Where are the Ken Fern's of permaculture anymore? I've always considereed him its shining model.

      > > --- In pfaf@yahoogroups. com, "trentrhode" <trentrhode@ > wrote:
      > I want to mention that there is an online tool in development with an organization called the Apios Institute, with Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier being part of it, that is designed specifically for people to share and document plants and plant combinations that work in regions throughout the world.
      > > >
      > > > http://www.apiosins titute.org
      > > >
      > > > Currently the system is in its testing and data input stage, with a lot
      of plants and polycultures already added. If anyone is interested in helping to get it going faster (e.g. inputting plant data), let me know and I'll pass along the message.

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