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  • Richard Morris
    Feb 13, 2004
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      Dale (dalep6@...) added the comment:

      I'm on Siesta Key off the coast of Sarasota, Florida and it's hot, humid
      even at night so that's why Here is my situation. I am in Sarasota,
      Florida zone 9b...hot and humid and the killer is hot nights for 6
      months out of the year. Coldest it gets is 30 rarely and 35-40 a few
      times a winter. I have a path made out of 3" thick and 24' square
      concrete blocks with 3" holes. They were made to be filled with gravel
      or grass in parking lots to minimize the amount of asphalt used. I had
      planned on planting groundcover in the holes. I tried Laurentia and it
      did fine for a while. But then died out. This path is under a very
      large oak with a well trimmed canopy on the NW side of my house. It
      gets bright filtered light for part of the day. Do you know of anything
      that would be happy in this situation? I think the Laurentia couldn't
      spread and that's what did it in. Sure hope you have some ideas.

      I also want a groundcover to grow under many Alocasia/Colocasias where
      they will definitely be in shade from these "elephant ears."

      Thanks so much for "listening." I really want to find something for the
      Dale Six
      Sarasota, Floridaso many plants fail here.

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