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  • Allmende Verden
    Mar 1, 2010
      What milkweed-species do you use for tubers? greetings from KLaus

      Zitat von watchintheriver <maury@...>:

      > Mountain Rose, an herbal company in Eugene, OR sells Avocado Oil. I
      > think it is www.mountainreose.com, or Google it.
      > Sustainable gardening has been one of my lifelong passions. I also
      > forage. My yard contains, naturally, everything from Asparagus to
      > Barley Grass, rose, currants and wild plums. I collect Rumex,
      > Chenopodium and Plantain (Plantago) seeds. My freezer is full of not
      > only vegetables from my garden but Goosefoot pesto. My larder and
      > dried stashes include herbs, seeds and roots/tubers from Lovage,
      > Milk Weed, Cat tail...What I can't gather/grow here I can collect in
      > the mountains or buy locally. Pinon, great Chiles (we have a short
      > season).
      > I 'inherited' two acres of lush field that is sub-watered. In the
      > canal is Reed Grass, Smartweed, Brook Mint (and Mallards right now).
      > My predecessors,Spanish with their keen sense of remedios and
      > drawing on Native knowledge, grew a garden of herbs including Native
      > Silverweed and Osha (Lovage), they imported wonderful Dandelions and
      > Purslane. It has been a pleasure to 're-instate' the weeds and add
      > other important plants because of their medicinal/edible uses, as
      > well as beauty to deter the Quack Grass--the only thing I have found
      > in my yard that has no use, per se.
      > My goat straw is recycled-after a year of fermenting-into my garden
      > and my neighbor brings me Elk now and again....
      > On a fixed income, I feel pretty darn sustained....
      > --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Peter Ellis <peter.ellis@...> wrote:
      >> The message <790645.35961.qm@...>
      >> from Gail Lloyd <gardenchick1949@...> contains these words:
      >> > only cook w/ coconut oil, ghee, or avocado oil (high smoke points).
      >> Hi
      >> Where do you find avocado oil ? I cannot recollect ever seeing it before.
      >> Cheers
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