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  • ortaa23
    Feb 21, 2010
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      Tis most curious to me such a discussion. I seem to be walking a path whereby I distill 'techniques' into an understanding of what their energetic effects are. They might then be described more scientifically/universally than previously, when they were embedded in the 'language' used by the particular tradition. So, to me, the word 'shamanic' relates to the tranmutation of energy that may take place within the human organism, that may give rise to an embodiment of the creative healing force (love).

      To say that in order to experience this one must belong to a particular genetic heritage is something that I find difficult to integrate. I see that there may be some sort of 'morphogenetic field' for channeling this vibration of energy, and thus one might be able to tune into what one's ancestors have created and maintained. It should be remembered though that there are and have been many 'Wôbi' people for whom this has been a primary concern. However, there are and have been likewise a number of 'Wôbi' people who seem to have desired that people do not experience such states. Hence Roman 'Christianity', the crusades against the gnostics, witchhunts, and now the mass dosing with pharmaceutical poisons. The 'Great Seal' (magical sigil) of the 'USA' demonstrates the desire of the 'elite' to keep this 'occult knowledge' to themselves - it shows a capstone, with an eye of illumination (symbolising the 'elite'), detached from the rest of the pyramid (the 'uninitiated masses').

      Despite all of this, some kept the flame alight. Some of these people encoded their 'shamanic' knowledge into the obscure system of Alchemy, whilst others secretly practiced more traditional forms of their craft. Most people are completely ignorant of this history, as of course it is not taught in schools. These practices have since developed into many 'systems', which in the current economy will continue to multiply as people keep trying to repackage them as something novel to sell. But as I see it the energy is there for anyone to make contact with; one must simply forge one's own connection, and one will be stronger for having done so. "Truth is a pathless land." It is my perception that it is through not taking any 'tradition' too seriously, and experimenting with many different practices that I have come to this understanding. Yes, I think that it is silly when people adopt another tradition without anything more than a very superficial connection to it. But they do this primarily because they still have a need for identity. Many people who are truly questioning seem to have been brought to this by the breaking down of the existing structures in their lives. This to me shows that the experience of life is the greatest teacher, independent of any culture or tradition. 'Shamanism' I define as the scientific method applied to spirit. (But really there needs be no division at all between body and spirit, which is part of how we were led into hypnosis to start with.)

      Scientific method, n.: The principles and empirical processes of discovery and demonstration considered characteristic of or necessary for scientific investigation, generally involving the observation of phenomena, the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena, experimentation to demonstrate the truth or falseness of the hypothesis, and a conclusion that validates or modifies the hypothesis.



      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Smittyctz6 <cityhomesteader@...> wrote:
      > Funny seeing this here.. Very W�bi..
      > We don't really care if W�bi people try to steal what they think is
      > "shamanistic"
      > We follow the true way the Mekwi Road.. It is in our Blood, because of that
      > it can only be accessed by a Mekwi Zan�ba or Behanem
      > > That is one thing the American rainbow tribe people have right. That
      > > concept is correct...but the issue of plastic shammanic theft of native
      > > american ritual is serious and very damaging and also hippy type permies are
      > > blind to this in general. Its bad medicene as well as being disrespectful.
      > > It has serious mental heath fallout...and will contain and limit the power
      > > of what people are doing ESPECIALLY in terms of community wide effect of the
      > > work).
      > >
      > > Good luck out there anyway - back into hibernation for me I think.
      > >
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