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4845Re: [pfaf] Re: Permaculture Association February E-bulletin - research on Polycultures etc

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  • Smittyctz6
    Feb 20, 2010
      Funny seeing this here.. Very Wôbi..
      We don't really care if  Wôbi people try to steal what they think is "shamanistic"
      We follow the true way the Mekwi Road.. It is in our Blood, because of that it can only be accessed by a  Mekwi Zanôba or Behanem

        That is one thing the American rainbow tribe people have right. That concept is correct...but the issue of plastic shammanic theft of native american ritual is serious and very damaging and also hippy type permies are blind to this in general. Its bad medicene as well as being disrespectful. It has serious mental heath fallout...and will contain and limit the power of what people are doing ESPECIALLY in terms of community wide effect of the work).

      Good luck out there anyway - back into hibernation for me I think.

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