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4804Re: [pfaf] Re: any particular use for Christmas tree branches?

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  • Matteo Mazzola
    Jan 27, 2010

      Thanks everybody!

      Actually I was preparing myself to grow different kind of mushroom on oak trunks... 
      Could you tell me where I can get the spores of Phoenix Fir Oyster and Hyphol√≥ma capno√≠des from european companies? 
      There are any other commercial available mushroom that I can gorw on Fir Trunks?

      Thanks again to everybody


      Da: Steve <permalove@...>
      A: pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      Inviato: Ven 22 gennaio 2010, 18:58:13
      Oggetto: [pfaf] Re: any particular use for Christmas tree branches?


      Hi Everyone,

      I have been inoculating christmas trees with edible mushroom mycelium.
      I used Phoenix Fir Oyster mushroom mycelium on softwood dowels.
      Tools required were a drill, 5/16 inch bit and a mallet.

      If you visit www.fungi.com you can see some of the products I've used.
      The dowels are under the name "Plug Spawn."

      In a normal garden setting in Bermuda, I got results at almost exactly
      the same time I inoculated in the previous year (in other words, time
      till fruiting was about 1 year), and I didn't do anything except spray
      water once in a while and cover the logs with some burlap (a.k.a.

      Nice use of a throw-away resource.



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